leo moon 2014

This powerful Full Moon in Leo is combined with many other energies to bring everything that has been simmering – to the boil this week. The Mercury retro period amongst this – first in Pisces, adding to the power and insight of your journey work and meditations and the space between worlds – where vision forms – is stretched and open – and will allow you to see beyond the ordinary this week. Not always in ways you might like.

It is about to enter Aquarius the day before the full moon however as it does not turn direct until the 28th of the month it may be wise to tune into the moons energies until then and see and peruse what is there.  The mad energies of March followed by the eclipse season in April will really be benefited by some quiet time here.

The Full Moon is in Leo while the Sun is in Aquarius and this polar opposite of energies – whilst creating and building tension within is actually primed for a good harmony between the power, authenticity and noble largesse of of Leo – which wants to shine brightly – against the backdrop of the social consciousness of Aquarius and the emotional detachment that is in direct counter to Leo’s fullness of expression.
leo new moon
This speaks powerfully of a marriage of the Heart of Leo with the Mind of Aquarius – on their own neither functions particularly well, however the thinking heart and feeling mind associated with the power of Leo bending it’s authentic all to Self to shine – along with the recognition of the greater good and group consciousness – is a wonderful combination for right action.

These energies also form a trine with Mars in Libra [highlighting relationships] which will push the energies of the day into intense spheres – it is up to you which way you are guided at this time – for good or ill as both are possible lol.  Mercury also plays a hand here, bringing the past and old energies into play. Mars will push you out of your comfort zone with regard to others – let it – see where it takes you – there are fated stars here – seriously.

So as the energies rise for the rest of this week pay attention to your internal world. There may be longings and impulses not felt for quite awhile wanting expression as the moon waxes towards her zenith.

This is a powerful time to shine this week as with all things Leo and it is important to know your strength and desires and reach beyond the limitations of your ego into what is possible within your authentic self.

These energies will help you see your self fully, have insight into how others perceive you and if you really pay attention and seek to grow – you may begin to get glimpses of who you really are!

And as mercury moves into Aquarius now it will free the mind to think around corners, outside the box and even into other realms, dimensions, universes and systems of worlds that are always present but which the small self ego will not contemplate for it is considered too overwhelming. Much genius can flow from these energies – so pay attention to inventive ideas that will work for you and the greater good and write them down!

transformation may 2013
There is much coming in terms of star crossed, past life or fated relationships soon after this beautiful full moon as the North Node of the Moon enters Libra.

These are all potent energies for the full moon tomorrow night and remember Leo likes to be seen and retro Mercury in Aquarius will shake things up and then we have Saturn in Scorpio squaring it all – beefing up the unexpected, the creative and even the dramatic – how it flows out into your world is up to each of you lol.

And remember from the last blog [or was it the last newsletter] that the cardinal grand cross involving Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus is at play here also and so the potential for sparks to fly is actually quite high!

Remind yourself that the only thing that is real on this planet is love – it will genuinely help you stay grounded through this chaotic energy. be your authentic self – do not be swept up by the desire to take an emotional bath – love your inner self, the magical child within – respect yourself  and what is needed to grow and unfold – the thinking heart and the feeling mind.

This is the time to see beyond the masks and work with what is really there – it may be painful, emotions long buried will struggle to be contained here so deal with them as an adult and be your genuine self and just allow yourself to experience them and be free. Do not project them or make it about others – that is the old game of the mask – your authentic self does not require this – at all.

With all that is going on here with all this planetary action you are still being called to be in balance with your depths and all facets of your life. Be in the Yin and Yang of your self – allow all facets of your masculine and feminine perspectives to express their creativity with this moon and allow the ebb and flow of your existence to be honoured.

In the west we do not have much ‘ebb’ – all of this insane society is pushing towards ‘flow’ all the time so it is hard to maintain the balance here however this moon invites you to remember that you are a great deal more than the human monkey running around being ‘busy’ – a great deal more.

Make sure there is balance in what you give and what you receive – we are all so brainwashed, trained and conditioned to give endlessly, to fix it for others, even if it is killing us and there will always be someone in your life to exploit that conditioning – it is how you learn not to do it in fact lol.  Just be your authentic self – is what ever I am about to do life giving and life sustaining to me or life taking and life destroying – and if it is the latter then ask your self – why in all that is sacred’s name, would I do that to myself and then stop.  There is no greater gift you can give your fellow human [even though they wont thank you at the time lol] for it shows them that it is possible to be real and not die

invocation motif from within
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